decentraDOT Staking Pool

Staking pools allow users to lock in DOT and earn staking rewards.

Unlike nominating, staking via pools requires only a small amount of DOT, and the pool manages nominees on your behalf.

In our pool we nominate the 16 best performing validators on a daily basis, this way you maximize your return. Get the most out of your stake, stake with decentraDOT.
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Frequently asked questions

How do nomination pools work?
Can I unstake my DOT any time?
Unstaking (unbonding) can be done anytime, though it takes approximately 28 days for your DOT to become transferable.
How are staking rewards claimed?
Are you staking with us via our pool? In this case rewards are distributed every 24 hours and can be claimed via the Polkadot staking dashboard.
Who can access my DOT after joining a pool?
Only you can access your DOT, pools cannot move your tokens nor have ownership over them.